One-to-one courses are conducive to a much faster progression in your learning than group courses. Avoiding one-to-one courses because they  are more expensive can be a misguided option.
We all know that they are good reasons to prefer group courses for example:  having the opportunity to socialise, taking advantage of the group dynamics and communicate and share the knowledge to enhance the learning process, etc.
But, in order to reach  a certain level of language proficiency, and fluency, the financial investment in one-to-one lessons might not be higher than the one done in group classes. With group lessons you will most probably have to pay for more lessons to obtain the same results.
In conclusion for  the average student, studying on  one-to-one will enable you a progression that could be two times faster than in groups environment.
Language Classes
Language School Kent
Hola! Bonjour! Ni hao! Konnichiwa Ciao! Welcome to Language Door! You can learn and use Chinese, French Spanish Italian German Japanese as well as many other foreign languages at our language school in Tonbridge.
We run evening & day time courses in we can offer language courses & holidays, GCSE. Aleve, at your fingertips and with a range of options you can customise your course to suit you.
Group tuition
Optimum Languages enjoys its reputation of providing group tuition with a personal feel. We guarantee a maximum ratio of 6ive students to one teacher.
Our group courses run throughout the year.
Students can enrol at anytime throughout the year. All new students enrolling on a course of individual or group lessons will be assessed first.
Conversation Classes
These can be taken on their own or to compliment individual or group tuition. They are designed to improve your fluency in speaking and using the knowledge you already possess.
We will also run soiree cinema, French wine tasting, book club, trips to France. Socialising and speaking the native language as much as possible.
So call now for more details about all this exciting events.
We work closely with our tutors to ensure the lessons are suited to meet your needs. Ideas are passed readily from tutor to tutor to ensure the lessons remain ‘fresh’, and we have available an abundance of material and activities for the tutors to use.
The Senior Tutors regularly visits lessons to observe and help assist the tutors with any areas of improvement.
Our Values
Our Four Principles
Specialised Target Languages - Our focus on  languages only is a conscious choice. It means high specialisation and the ability of promptly answering any requirement, however complex or specific. It also means culturally informed teaching, cross-disciplinary resources optimisation and high overall quality control.

Personalised Service - Your particular needs will be discussed with one of our expert linguists in person or over the phone.  Moreover we will follow closely the evolution of the course, liaising whenever necessary with the student and the teacher.

No Satisfaction - Prior to allocating a teacher we send you or phone you,  a proposal containing the teacher’s profile for your approval. But you may change your mind after the first lesson, in which case you can suspend the course, ask for the teacher’s substitution.

Quality Services at Fair Prices - Our strategy of resources optimisation allows us to provide high quality services at normal market prices.
Tel: 01732 368423  Tel: 07759 470140
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